• Job Type : Full-time
  • Experience : 2 Year Up
  • Salary Start From : $600 Up

Pangaea Internation Investment Company

Business Assistant Duties and Responsibilities:

Though what a Business Assistant gets called upon to do can vary greatly by industry, some duties tend to be common to most. From our analysis of job postings, a few of the core responsibilities for Business Assistants include the following:

1.Facilitate Office Operation

Whether the printer requires more paper or a customer needs to be shown to the correct office, Business Assistants take the lead on doing what is necessary to keep operations running. Administrative tasks run the gamut – typing, writing reports, ordering supplies, sending and sorting mail, filing, and responding to emails.

2.Schedule and Coordinate Office Events

Business Assistants frequently arrange the time and place of internal and external meetings. They ensure all parties know the details by sending out agendas and other pertinent material. For special events, they may keep track of RSVPs and deal with outside vendors to ensure everything goes according to plan.

3.Provide Customer Service

Answering phones and greeting visitors may be part of a Business Assistant’s daily duties. Some act as a back-up when a receptionist or secretary is away from the desk.

4.Perform Business/HR Tasks

At some places, Business Assistants handle accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, insurance, and new-hire paperwork.

Skills and Qualification

– Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience

– Minimum 3 years of prior property management experience, Real Estate management experience preferred.

– Proficient with Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint),

– Strong communication skills: oral, written, presentation, and in-person

– People Leadership skills

– Demonstrated business acumen

– Strong negotiation skills

– Problem solver ability to identify problems and bring issues to resolution proactively

– Excellent time management and ability to prioritize and to meet commitments

-Superior decision-making skills, problem-solving skills, and conflict-management abilities

– Extensive experience in all aspects of Customer Relationship Management

-Strong understanding of customer and market dynamics and requirement

Requirements: Chinese people/ Khmer people who can speak Chinese and English are excellent! Trial period base salary of $600+ commission (change to $750+ commission, the comprehensive income of outstanding performers can reach $1500+)

Time: 12:00pm-12:00am , 6days/week.

If you interesting please send your CV through my Email: Matinoanthonypg@gmail.com or contact to my number 086955286/ 086955215

Address: Near the Chinese Embassy


儘管業務助理的要求會因行業而異,但有些職責對於大多數人來說是常見的。 根據我們對職位發布的分析,業務助理的一些核心職責包括:


無論打印機需要更多的紙張還是需要向正確的辦公室顯示客戶,業務助理都會帶頭進行必要的操作以保持操作正常進行。 管理任務涉及整個領域–鍵入,編寫報告,訂購耗材,發送和分類郵件,歸檔以及回復電子郵件。


業務助理經常安排內部和外部會議的時間和地點。 他們通過發送議程和其他相關材料來確保各方知道細節。 對於特殊事件,他們可能會跟踪RSVP並與外部供應商打交道,以確保一切按計劃進行。


接聽電話和向訪客打招呼可能是業務助手日常工作的一部分。 當接待員或秘書離開辦公桌時,有些可以作為備份。






-精通Microsoft Office(Word,Excel,Access,PowerPoint),









要求:會說中文和英文的中國人/高棉人都很棒! 試用期底薪為$ 600 +佣金(更改為$ 750 +佣金,傑出員工的綜合收入可以達到$ 1500 +)



Address: Near the Chinese Embassy